About Terra Sola

About Terra Sola

The world is hungry for power. Unprecedented progress has led to record levels of power consumption. In order to fuel national growth, the Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) countries anticipate staggering energy demands for the future. Economic prosperity, growth in industry and manufacturing, high youth populations and weather patterns have all contributed towards electricity demands of the region growing by around 8% annually.

A MENA-wide megatrend and a fast-growing industry, solar energy is an increasingly attractive field for short and long-term investors alike. Bringing together top financiers, technology partners and developers, Terra Sola uses an ‘Integrated Approach’ to develop and establish particular the PV energy industry that benefits all stakeholders.

Founded in 2010, headquartered in Bahrain, Terra Sola Ventures (TSV)  is an investor and developer for integrated PV power projects with a mandate to operate in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Acting as the lead developer for industrial-scale PV power plants, TSV brings the necessary engineering skills, technical know-how and management capacity needed by the MENA countries in order to commence PV power production.

Helping the region establish a PV power industry from the ground-up, TSV works with major German and international engineering and technology providers such as RWE, HareonSolar, Juwi, SunFarming, Conecon, Meyer Burger, Solon and others to establish a fully-functioning and independent PV industry in MENA countries.

Project pipeline includes over 3,725 MWp generating capacity in seven countries in the sun belt of the world with a total project value of more than US$ 6 billion.

Integrated Approach

Terra Sola’s four pronged ‘Integrated Approach’ includes:

·Establishing large scape PV power plants
·Building manufacturing capacity in an industry related to the solar energy
·Establishing Human Capital Development Initiatives (education & training)
·Growing the small-to-medium enterprises (SME) sector for businesses related to photovoltaics

The holistic approach creates a self-sustainable PV energy competency from the ground up for the MENA country in which TSV operates