Board of Directors

Board of Directors

David F. Heimhofer  | Chairman of the Board

With over 30 years of experience in the international investment industry, predominantly in Europe and the Middle East, David Heimhofer is an expert in alternative investments, structured products and management of private equity investments in the Middle East.  For some years  he has been increasingly involved in developing, investing and advising projects participating and looking to capitalize on the increasing opportunities presented by the solar energy sector, particular photovoltaics. Heimhofer has honed his experience in various banking and financial instruments during his tenure at international banks, most of these in senior Director-level positions. For the past eight years, he also served as a Partner and Managing Director in Middle East Best Select Funds’ companies in Germany.

David Heimhofer currently also serves as Chairman and CEO of Terra Nex Group which is headquartered in Switzerland, and with offices around the world.

Dr. Ralf Zabel | Member of the Board

Ralf Zabel has comprehensive and senior-level experience in renewable energy, construction and engineering related fields.

For the past 20 years, he has been involved in major engineering projects in the Gulf region and has successfully managed and handled investments in the Middle East on behalf of major German private entities. Currently, he serves as Managing Director of Star World Leisure & Entertainment GmbH, a company specializing in European knowledge transfer to the MENA region; CEO of Matterhorn-Grillstein AG, specializing in project financing and project management; and is a Senior Partner at Terra Nex Financial Engineering AG, a Swiss-regulated wealth management company, where he has been an Executive Board Member since the company’s incorporation. Dr. Zabel is a summa cum laude (undergraduate) and magna cum laude (Ph.D.) from Dresden University of Technology. He has a doctorate degree in engineering from the Faculty of Transportation and Traffic Sciences (Friedrich List).

Dr. Peter Göpfrich| Member of the Board

Peter Göpfrich joined Terra Sola as a Member of the Board in Terra Sola Egypt and as senior advisor for Industrial Relations and Legal Affairs. He is one of the most prominent and experienced representatives of the German business community in the MENA region. For more than 30 years he was the Official Delegate of the German Industry and Commerce first for Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Libya and the Palestinian Territories and since 1986 for the Upper Gulf Region. Peter Göpfrich served many years as the Head of the Legal and Economic Department and Deputy CEO of German Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GACIC) in Cairo/ Egypt as well as the CEO of the German-Emirati Joint Council for Industry and Commerce (AHK) in the United Arab Emirates from 2008 until 2015. He holds a PHD in Law (mcl), from the university in Heidelberg/ Germany and is a highly reputed lecturer for law in various forums in the region.

Sylva Hagop| Member of the Board of Terra Sola Egypt

Ms. Sylva Hagop, with longstanding experience as a management consulting, currently works as Terra Sola Egypt’s primary development and business relationship expert helping maintain the company’s government and high-level relationships incl. with potential local investors. She also helps Terra Sola identify new solar opportunities in the Arab Republic augmenting the development pipeline.

As per her past experience in various companies incl. USAID and Degussa Hüls AG, since 2012 Sylva has worked as a Management Consultant for financing institutions in the Gulf region (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar & UAE). This includes working with investment authorities, wealth funds from Europe and renewable energy project financier.

As Founder and Board Member in Terra Sola Egypt, she is consistently in-charge of the planned execution of Terra Sola’s 2,000MWp Solar Program in Egypt. Sylva is a graduate in Business Administration and Mass Communication from City University in Seattle, Washington, USA.