Terra Sola offers its clients comprehensive and turnkey project development solutions. Bringing together all parties needed, including financiers, engineers and regulators, to successfully develop and execute projects, Terra Sola creates a sustainable PV energy industry from the ground up.

Strategic Development

  • Initiating integrated PV power concepts in MENA countries
  • Consulting MENA governments on how to develop a sustainable solar industry
  • Consulting global technology providers worldwide on how to penetrate MENA region markets

Investment & Advisory

  • Advising international investors on PV power related projects
  • Investing in the complete value-chain for photovoltaics
  • Developing profitable and optimized business models for PV energy projects
  • Financial engineering in renewable energy projects


  • Managing PV power projects including overseeing operations and maintenance activities
  • Developing studies – including studies and feasibility, radiation, environmental studiesand and others