Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s message

On behalf of our shareholders, the Board of Directors of the Group and all stakeholders and partners it is my extreme pleasure to introduce you to Terra Sola, a company set to change the face of the solar-/PV- industry in MENA region.

Our value proposition is quite simple. Our projects use the naturally available clean energy resources of the MENA to support the region meet the energy challenges of the future.

In the region, the sun shines for approx. 3,000 hours a year with an intensity that is three times more than received in Germany, the current leader in PV power generation, and there is an abundance of land available ripe for the construction of large-scale PV parks.

By supporting the MENA region establish an independent PV energy competency from the ground up, Terra Sola helps these nations keep their economy future-proof and take advantage of the numerous ancillary benefits such as job creation, knowledge transfer, energy diversification and general economic boost that comes with the setting up of a new and emerging industry such as the PV energy sector.

Amalgamating Swiss financial expertise with German and international top technology in the optimal PV energy producing conditions of the MENA region, Terra Sola brings together all the elements needed to create a superb industry that is sustainable from the get go, and therefore ripe for investment.

I invite you to join us and support MENA countries to redefine their future of photovoltaic energy.


David F. Heimhofer
Chairman of the Board