About Terra Sola

About Terra Sola

“If you give a hungry man a fish, he feeds once. If you teach it how to fish, it will feed its entire life ». This proverb reflects the philosophy underlying the approach of the Terra Sola group in this world which is hungry for energy and where unprecedented progress has led to record levels of energy consumption.

The fast-growing solar industry is a megatrend in the MENA region and an increasingly attractive area for us investors. And we know that to fuel their growth, countries in the MENA region face a gigantic energy demand for the region. future, as economic prosperity, growth of industry and manufacturing, high young populations and weather conditions all contribute to the region’s annual electricity demand with a growth of about 8%.

Terra Sola brings together the main financial, technological and developer partners, and engages in an « integrated approach » to develop, finance the solar photovoltaic industry and ensure the transfer of know-how and technology to local skills of these countries.

Integrated Approach

Terra Sola’s four pronged ‘Integrated Approach’ includes:

– Establishing large scape PV power plants;
– Building manufacturing capacity in an industry related to the solar energy;
– Establishing Human Capital Development Initiatives (education & training);
– Growing the small-to-medium enterprises (SME) sector for businesses related to photovoltaic.

The holistic approach creates a self-sustainable PV energy competency from the ground up for the MENA country in which Terra Sola operates.