Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


The following definitions shall apply throughout this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use:

Terra Sola means its group companies, its subsidiaries, affiliates, in and around the world.

Personal Data shall refer to personal information which includes-names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, and any other information, which is received in any written or verbal format, which can be used to identify an individual person or a corporate entity.

Website or Webpage shall refer to Terra Sola website (


In order to value the confidentiality, security and integrity of the Personal Information of Terra Sola’s business clients, customers, investors and stakeholders, Terra Sola shall be committed in exercising the highest ethical standards and giving its paramount interest in protecting the security, the confidentiality and the privacy of all the Personal Information, provided and received by Terra Sola .

All Personal Information gathered from the Website, shall be transparent and consistent with the particular laws and regulations of the countries in which Terra Sola is present.

If you have any concerns or queries with regards to your Personal Information, please contact Terra Sola via email on

By accessing this Website, you have willingly consented to the collection, usage, and storage of your Personal Information by Terra Sola in the manner stipulated below:

A. Rationale for the collection of Personal Information

The rationale for the collection of the Personal Information is to ensure that Terra Sola’s products, services and any updates on the products and services, are informed correctly and as effectively as possible to users of the Website (hereinafter referred to as the Primary Purpose).

Should Terra Sola utilize the Personal Information for purposes other than for the Primary Purpose, in such a case, Terra Sola will provide sufficient notification as soon practicable thereafter, prior to Terra Sola using the Personal Information for the other purposes.

B. The Mode for the collection of Personal Information

Terra Sola only collects Personal Information from you, when you submit an online and/ or by using any other electronic media, i.e. through the Website or by an e-mail or by fax requesting for some information about the Terra Sola’s products and services, or for some assistance. As such, all Personal Information collected from you are solely received with your consent and is on a voluntary submission. For any information requested or for any query, Terra Sola will endeavour to provide a response to the queries at the earliest possible time.

C. Security Protection

Terra Sola is using and relying on a number of available technologies and operational procedures to protect the Personal Information from being lost, misused, or altered, for instance for any Personal Information collected via the Website is protected using a combination of firewalls and password protections. However, whilst we use all reasonable measures, Terra Sola cannot provide any guarantee on the security of your Personal Information from not being inadvertently disclosed to third parties, as Terra Sola does not retain a total control of the Internet or on any third party servers.

D. Lawful Disclosures

Notwithstanding the confidentiality of the Personal Information, Terra Sola will not disclose any Personal Information concerning your usage of the website to any third party, unless it is expressly required by law, by the police or by any regulatory body or by any government authority.

E. Removal of Personal Information

Should you express your desire to remove or to amend the Personal Information held by Terra Sola, you are advised to send an e-mail to and the appropriate persons in charge at Terra Sola will take the necessary action within a reasonable time.

F. Amendments to Privacy Policy

Terra Sola reserve the exclusive right to amend the Privacy Policy, as and when deemed necessary, and the amended version of the Privacy Policy shall be posted on Terra Sola’s Website. You are advised to review the Website, from time to time in order to get acquainted with the amendments.

G. Transmission

As practicable as possible, all reasonable measures are taken to ensure that your Personal Information will be kept secured from unauthorized access. However Terra Sola cannot guarantee that Personal Information will be secured during the transmission by you to the Website.

H. Transfer of Data

You agree that in order for Terra Sola to provide its services effectively throughout the world, Terra Sola has the right to transfer Personal Information within its group companies.