Terra Sola offers its clients comprehensive and turnkey project development solutions. Bringing together all parties needed, including financiers, engineers and regulators, to successfully develop and execute projects, Terra Sola is assisting government to create a sustainable PV energy industry from the ground up.


Strategic Development

  • Initiating integrated PV power concepts in MENA countries
  • Consulting MENA governments on how to develop a sustainable solar industry
  • Consulting global technology providers worldwide on how to penetrate MENA region markets

Investment & Advisory

  • Advising international investors on PV power related projects
  • Investing in the complete value-chain for photovoltaics
  • Developing profitable and optimized business models for PV energy projects
  • Financial engineering in renewable energy projects


  • Managing PV power projects including overseeing operations and maintenance activities
  • Developing studies – including studies and feasibility, radiation, environmental studies and others